Update to Space-A Flight #4

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Good evening!

Well, to catch you up on our most recent Space-A flight, we traveled on June 16th from Hickam, AFB in Hawaii to Charleston AFB in South Carolina on Sunday, June 16th.

Roll call was at 1:00 AM, so we showed up at the terminal around 10:30 PM. Hickam has the tiniest little USO that doesn’t have much (we judge USO’s based upon the kind/amount of candy). πŸ™‚ All they had were little cookies and crackers . . . which years ago would have been pretty cool, but these days I think one word when faced with those options: GLUTEN!

Back to the flights: we were able to stay in the DV lounge (which I had no idea what that was until my first encounter that evening). It is the distinguished visitors’ lounge! It is for either 0-6 and above or Sergeant Majors. What a GREAT place to wait! I have to admit to feeling a bit guilty of that privilege as I poked my head out the door every once in a while to see how things were going out in the real world.

Every single seat on that plane was filled! There were 32 active duty soldiers who were deploying and that left 29 seats available for others who were simply traveling for other purposes. There were many dependents with little ones. Not everyone who signed up was allowed to fly. I felt very badly for the ones who wanted to go but were not selected.

The flight took off around 3 AM and was almost 10 hours in length. It was a great flight! We landed around 6:30 PM East Coast Time and searched for a rental car. We had contemplated spending the night at the Charleston Inn for $53, but just decided to get a rental car and drive on home. The rental car cost $81; the gas was $32, so it was well worth the trip to get HOME!!!

The entire trip from start to finish from NC to Hawaii and then back again cost us a total of $500 as opposed to the original $3000 we were looking at. WHAT A BLESSING!!! God is so very great!

Continuing on our grand adventure!

lisa πŸ™‚

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