Update: January 15th

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

Good morning!

My husband and I have developed a habit of going to bed pretty early and then getting up REALLY early. When we met out in the living room around 3:30 AM, I asked him, “Is it too early to make coffee?” He came back with a resounding, “No,” so into the kitchen I went to prepare the steamy brew that makes my heart happy . . . without fail  . . . every day . . . every morning.

Yesterday I made some Scotcheroos!! Whew, they were DELICIOUS!!! Picture? What’s that? You say you want to see a pic? Most definitely .  .  .


Two mornings ago Bryan and I went back to the mall in the early hours before it opened to get our “walk on.” We went around the entire mall twice at a very quick pace. “BA” (before the accident), that would have been nothing, but man, my quads are still sore this morning so we’re gonna go do it again in just a little while. I’m very determined to get back up to the strength level that I used to be at, and I’m so thankful for a hubby that joins me and seems to enjoy it as well. He said that he was having to work to keep up with me and that I was walking as fast as I used to. I was soooooo glad to hear that!!!

Hey, guess what??? I played the piano for worship last night for the first time since that fateful day a little more than two months ago. Again, another very happy heart moment. <3

Okay, much to do . . . have a beautiful, Jesus-filled day, and I’ll be seeing you soon!

Isn’t Life Grand?

lisa 🙂

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