Sunday’s Praise & Worship

Posted on Jul 16, 2013

Good morning!

I took the opportunity to record our praise & worship from this past Sunday. I wanted to share some of it here on my blog as this is a part of my life that I take great delight in (worshiping the Lord through song and being part of the praise team).

I placed my iPhone on top of my keyboard monitor, so this is coming from the perspective of where I stand; therefore, the keys are more dominant in this recording than it was in the actual mix.

My favorite part is the “Spontaneous Worship.” We go into a very brief recap of “I Will Exalt,” then begins the “wheel inside the wheel worship.”  At least that’s what I call it. 🙂

Above All Else

I Will Exalt

Spontaneous Worship

The team for this day was as follows:

Sonja, main worship leader (led “Above All Else” and “Spontaneous Worship”)

Jaci, back-up vocals (led “I Will Exalt”)

Denise, back-up vocals (sang a prayer during a minute of the “Spontaneous Worship”)

Ted, electric guitar

Joshua B., drums

Michael, bass

Gabe, audio/visual

Me, keys  🙂


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