Posted on Feb 5, 2011

Going through the papers of days gone long before

Represent the time I spent, and so I begin to pore

Over every document, sentiment, jot, and tittle

Everything has importance to me, no scrap seems too little

Appointments, travel, brochures, and notes

Newsletters, logos, flow charts, price quotes

Banners, ministries, staff meetings, and MTS

Cell groups, retreats, Encounters, and the rest

Bulk mail-outs, newspaper ads, and Web site design

Calendars, letters, and yes, they’re all mine

Retrieving staff lunch, decorating, sometimes cutting hair

Thinking of these things fondly, I just sit and stare

Elders’ meetings, school board minutes, furiously typing away

Making copies, phone messages, and emails every day

Proofreading, service schedules, policy manuals galore

Special events, banquets, dedications, there’s more

Reimbursements, budgets, and what happened to that receipt?

It was here in that pile, you know, the one not so neat

Bulletin boards, pc maintenance, alarm systems, too

Ordering, purchasing, on the phone counseling you

Birthday cards, presents, researching some more

Prayer requests, making buttons, sometimes cleaning the floor

Fundraisers, Harvest Night, and Watch Night as well

Whew, I’m a bit tired, I must rest and sit a spell

So these are the things that I’m sorting through, pondering tonight

All the wonderful memories, holding each one real tight

I take one last glance as I toss in the trash

Oh wait, take it back out, maybe a bit too rash

How can I part with seventeen years of my life

Precious to me, to others, just rife

Okay, lisa, sit back and take a deep breath

Keep only your favorites, dispose of the rest

But wait, I say, “There’s more, there’s more”

Manuals, invites, decals for the door

The trash bags are bulging, but over here there’s one tub

Of treasures, papers, oh, photos I couldn’t snub

Reflections of the past, what a privilege I say

For You to have used me, God, in this honorable way

I’m grateful for the love and kindness that You’ve shown

And for the blessed people who’ve helped me to grow

You’re such a great God, rich in mercy and grace

Now please help me, Lord, run the next phase of this race

Oh yeah, did I mention the gift baskets, special guests, hotel reservations, too . . .

Isn’t life grand?  🙂

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