June 25th, 2014’s Journey

Posted on Jun 25, 2014

Good bright and sunny morning to you!

Already had my two cups of coffee, made my husband his, written three, legal-sized pages of Christ’s words in red, and had quiet time . . . and I’m ready to go for the day.

Yesterday we finished up decorating the library. Please see exhibit “A.”


We are very excited with the way the room turned out and now want to spend all day in the one finished room of our new house. 🙂 Actually, the kitchen is pretty much good to go except for tiling the backsplash and a few decorations.

I’m looking forward to picking up some of those books and reading them in the upcoming months as we’re preparing to depart for the mission field. I am a HUGE fan of reading and have a voracious love for books, so this particular room is very dear to my heart. With all of that being said, I’m not very well-read, but I plan on changing that at this point of my life. I adore reading, but have quelled that desire over the past twenty years due to pursuing other interests/loves. I’ve always viewed reading for pleasure as a luxury, so I simply have not allowed myself that indulgence. But times have changed, and I’m excited about this rediscovered, reborn passion!

Isn’t life grand?

lisa 🙂


  1. Looks marvelous!!

    • Thank you, Sonja! 🙂

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