June 18th, 2014’s Journey

Posted on Jun 18, 2014

Last night Bryan hung some glorious plantation blinds onto the French doors so we’d have our much coveted privacy. Yay! Also, today marks the first day I made coffee in our new home. I also hung the handy dandy little mail catcher under the feature wall; Ashley had given that to me as a Christmas present this past year, and it is oh so fitting for the new place!image

We also found out today that it appears that our homeowner’s insurance will get a new AC unit for us as it is pert near impossible to find parts for the ol’ dinosaur! Hallelujah for that!!! That means it will probably be about two more weeks until we get AC at our house . . . good thing I really like the heat!!! image

Isn’t life grand?

lisa 🙂

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