Jittery, Jittery, Jump

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

My second cup of coffee

Jittery, jittery, jump

What about that sugar?

Two?  Maybe just a lump

Sleep is overrated

There’s so much to be done

So let’s get down to business

Then next we’re on to fun

So if you’re feeling hassled

Hurried and in a fuss

Don’t get frustrated, bummed

Or even dare begin to cuss

Just grab your Word, your java

Maybe a cup of tea

Take a few minutes, breathe, pray

Then you’ll begin to see

Life is what you make of it

I’m waxing philosophical now

But you have to take a moment

Wipe that sweat off of your brow

It could be the pull of media

FaceBook, Twitter, and such

News, reality TV, sports

There’s too much, much, much

God wants our hearts

To include our ears, our all

If we don’t take the time

We may totally miss the call

What is it, Lord?

What exactly did You say?

Ooooohhhh, that!!???

You want me to PRAY!

So here I go . . .

Yep, down onto my knees

Or in some prone position

My spirit, it frees

I hear You now

Not so patient, but I will listen

To hear Your Words, Your heart

And everything You’re bidding

Thank You, God

For taking the time to speak

Helping in my time of need

As I go throughout my week

Your friend,

lisa 🙂


  1. I enjoyed reading your poem! God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift!
    Stay blessed!
    Glenna H.

  2. Thank you so very much for the great encouragement, Glenna! You are such a blessing to me (and many blessings returned to you as well)! 🙂

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