Hawaii w/ YWAM’s Mission Builders: December 28th, 2015 ~ March 21st, 2016

Posted on Apr 2, 2016

Whoa, where does time go??? It hardly seems possible that the last three plus months have already come and gone.

Bryan and I put in an application for YWAM’s Mission Builders to serve on the Big Island in Hawaii. We filled out an ordinary application just like everyone else, but the Lord saw fit to put us in the role of house parents of approximately 100 people! That was quite an honor and opportunity to solidly connect with so many and the rest of the awesome leadership team headed up by a great leader, J.C., and his wonderful wife, Letty.

I also ended up being the worship leader during our entire stay there, and God once again, brought together a fantastic team; He never ceases to amaze me! It was also a confirmation on listening to the Holy Spirit when He speaks. We weren’t going to bring my keyboard with us to Hawaii as I had no reason to think I’d need it, but we kept feeling prompted to do so . . . so off it went with us! Good thing, too, the way things turned out.

So exactly what does a house parent with the Kokua Crew do? There’s no hard, fast answer for that except, “whatever is needed,” lol! Our most common “tasks” included:

  • Checking every room in all 8 buildings every day (almost) to make sure lights and fans are turned off and that no bodies are in their beds 🙂
  • Discipleship/mentorship
  • Preparing snacks for everyone for Tuesday night service meetings
  • Hosting and sometimes preparing breakfast for Thursday morning staff meetings
  • Taking meals to those who are ill and/or injured
  • Taking ill/injured to urgent care or hospital if need be
  • Driving vans to/from meals and meetings
  • Maintenance on all eight buildings
  • Maintaining and acquiring funds through petty cash
  • Attend meetings as needed
  • Well, and I led worship (but that’s not necessarily hand-in-hand with being a house parent)

There were several other random things we would do as well as the opportunity or need arose. It was a truly fulfilling time simply because we saw the new birth and growth in so many hearts during this time. The atmosphere at Hale Ola (the eight-building complex where we all lived) was very fertile soil for people’s lives to be changed, and God was faithful to do it!

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