Dominican Republic: July 2015 ~ November 2015

Posted on Apr 2, 2016

Wow! Bryan and I were in the Dominican Republic from July 18th – November 5th, 2015, and we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our time there!


The OCF Worship Team . . . which PG dubbed the “OCF Supremes,” practicing before the service. Loved our time there!

I led the worship team at OceanSide Christian Fellowship during the temporary absence of their current worship leaders for this particular trip to the DR. A fantastic team of worshipers was quickly put together, and I have to say that we had a blast. Bryan took charge of the set-up and tear-down every Sunday and also was our “sound guy” during this period. He was amazing! Everyone pulled together and put their hands to work!

In addition to the worship end of things, we also were active in accompanying/assisting Pastor Emory on various outreaches through Gospel Team Outreach while Sis Vickie was very diligently homeschooling three young fellows and doing an excellent job!! One of the main villages we went to was called Munoz which had partially burned. I cannot even begin to express the beautiful hearts and people we met during this season of connecting.

A distinct pleasure during this time was the opportunity to sit under the teaching of our long-time pastor and dearest of friends, Pastor Emory. It was great to be able to participate not only in Sunday services, but Ministry Training School classes as well. He’s just the best Bible teacher/communicator . . . EVER!!!

We absolutely LOVED our time in the DR with Pastor Emory & Sis Vickie and all the folks at OCF; they are an amazing example of Christlike people who serve and love with all their hearts.

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