Travel Log

Travel Log

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

This is a page wherein Bryan and I wanted to document our travels since his retirement!




  • 5th – November 18th: Stayed in Sosua, Dominican Republic! We were scheduled to stay until December 7th, but had to return to the States early due to the auto accident.


  • 18th: Traveled to the US so Lisa could have spinal surgery on the 21st
  • 25th: Went to Cary to stay with the Medinas for Lisa’s convalescence


  • 7th: Returned to Fayetteville, NC in order to continue recovering from the accident
  • Many trips back and forth to Cary, NC



  • 23rd: Drove to Florida in prep to board cruise . . . stayed at the Fairfield Suites in Titusville, FL . . . used hotel points: NO $$$
  • 24th – 29th: CRUISE!!! Royal Caribbean . . . inside cabin . . . $660 grand total (includes taxes/fees) . . . received $175 shipboard credit
  • 30th – February 1st: Stayed over in Orlando to meet Scott’s parents and aunt/uncle. Stayed at Westgate Lake Resorts for three nights and because we committed to attend a timeshare presentation! LOL! BEAUTIFUL one-bedroom studio for a grand total of $69!!!


  • 1st: Returned home from Florida
  • 6th: Drove to Sanford to have lunch with Brooke and kids and to take the grandkids home with us for the weekend! <3
  • 8th: Returned to Sanford to meet with Brooke, James, and Abraham to drop the grandkids back off with them. We loved having them with us! Went to Monkey Joe’s, baked brownies, played outside. 🙂
  • 16th–19th: Headed to Vero Beach, FL to escape the cold of the Carolinas!!! Stayed at Springhill Suites for the nice cool sum of some points we had accrued previously!
  • 22nd-25th: We went up to Cary to spend time with the Medinas!


  • 4th – 10th: Caught Space-A to Texas to visit Kathy & Mark! Took commercial flight home by utilizing AA points. 🙂
  • 13th – 15th: Cary, NC, to join Brooke at her church’s Women’s Conference!
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