Jittery, Jittery, Jump

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

My second cup of coffee

Jittery, jittery, jump

What about that sugar?

Two?  Maybe just a lump

Sleep is overrated

There’s so much to be done

So let’s get down to business

Then next we’re on to fun

So if you’re feeling hassled

Hurried and in a fuss

Don’t get frustrated, bummed

Or even dare begin to cuss

Just grab your Word, your java

Maybe a cup of tea

Take a few minutes, breathe, pray

Then you’ll begin to see

Life is what you make of it

I’m waxing philosophical now

But you have to take a moment

Wipe that sweat off of your brow

It could be the pull of media

FaceBook, Twitter, and such

News, reality TV, sports

There’s too much, much, much

God wants our hearts

To include our ears, our all

If we don’t take the time

We may totally miss the call

What is it, Lord?

What exactly did You say?

Ooooohhhh, that!!???

You want me to PRAY!

So here I go . . .

Yep, down onto my knees

Or in some prone position

My spirit, it frees

I hear You now

Not so patient, but I will listen

To hear Your Words, Your heart

And everything You’re bidding

Thank You, God

For taking the time to speak

Helping in my time of need

As I go throughout my week

Your friend,

lisa 🙂

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Hearing Your Heart

Posted on Apr 10, 2013

Oh Lord, my heart You overwhelm

When You speak to me so clear

You take me to another realm

A place You calm my fears

For in the secret quiet of You

My thoughts are stilled to hear

But now the grandkids are awake

And Your voice is not so clear 😀  (LOL!)

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My Heart Has Many Rooms

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

Here is a little poem that I’ve been mentally chiseling and whittling away at, but I just decided that I’d better chronicle it before it’s down to nothing. 🙂


My Heart Has Many Rooms

My heart has many rooms

You’re there in one so near

Your absence does not close the door

Or make you any less dear

To conjure up a memory new

Is to relive it once again

To use it as a launching pad

For places we’ve never been

How can I love one person

And say with all my heart

It’s because my heart has many rooms

And you’re there without a doubt

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To Bid Summer Au Revoir

Posted on Oct 8, 2012


My tank tops are replaced by sweatshirts

My shorts by pants so long

Flip flops have now become comfy house shoes

Why does this feel so wrong?

Although I love the feel of Fall

The smells, the sights, the scenes

Can we just for old time’s sake

Have a few more days to redeem . . .

The warmth, the sun, the time outdoors

The beaches and seashells, oh to explore

But nay, the time has definitely come

Autumn is here and Summer’s on the run

Good-bye, I’ll miss you. 🙁

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Camping At Fort DeSoto

Posted on Apr 14, 2012


On a camping trip, oh yes, here we go
All the way to Florida, south to Fort DeSoto

The first day on the road, night at Homewood Suites
Pillows piled high with crisp, white cotton sheets

Second day began with steaming Starbuck’s coffee
Coupled with Ash’s discount, it was beautiful to me

On the road we go, with excitement in the air
Music playing, breezes blowing, us with nary a care

Arrived at the campsite, WOW, can you believe it?
The set-up, the perfection, only God could have conceived it

The raising of the tent, a bit tense, but we got it done
Our lovely camp set up, now it’s time for fun

There are our best friends, only two plots down
Serving up hot dogs, toasted to a golden brown

The neighbors on our left, Sid and Sandy to be exact
Helping us out, making sure there’s nothing we lacked

She gave me twist ties and with a knowing wink
Said those raccoons are quick, faster than you think

It was time to rest, to lay down my weary head
Then the activities began, the ones I came to dread

Raccoons? With hands and fingers as nimble as ours?
Ability to unzip tents and open the trunks of cars?

Morning arrived, with birds and beauty all around
Protected in our little cove, reminiscent of a sound

Gulls a callin’, scampering, and screaming something mighty
Squirrels beggin’ for food, although a bit more flighty

Went to St. Pete for there were a couple of kayaks to be had
The price was completely free, not bad . . . not bad

Got a little tour from a friend of ours so dear
Thank God for the Maps program and that I had it near

Next was our little outing to the beach and to the pier
The kids jumped in the waves with absolutely no fear

Part of the group were up above and already they were fishing
Oh to catch the big one, yes, I’m sure they were wishing

When we looked down into the water, close to the concrete piles
We saw dolphins, fish, and stingrays, HA! they all brought smiles

While some cast lines, others swimming and sunbathing
With paper and paints in hand, I went to painting

The sights, the sounds, the beauty of that day
Were all so very glorious, it took my breath away

Hot dog roasts and marshmallow toasts with prongs in the air lifted high
We were quickly approaching “Day 3,” my how the time does fly

But first, yes wait, there was something more
A gorgeous sunset walk with our loves along the shore

Day 3 began with kayaking, kayaking, and then again another round
Bryan was the main tour guide; he lost more than a pound

The park also played into the events of the day
Swings and slides, yes the kids wanted to stay

Bike rides, more kayaking and some more time at the beach
The culmination of Day 3 was well within reach

For dinner the menu was spaghetti and such
Was it really only a few hours ago that we had our last lunch?

The day rounded off with another fabulous time of mallows and fire
With camaraderie so sweet, oh the stories, we’ll never tire

Time to re-inflate our comfy? cushy? air bed?
It would be great if there were enough air to support our tired heads

Hmmm, what is that we hear outside the tent?
You better believe it . . . outside Bryan was sent

Outdoors to investigate the curious snorts and loud chatter
We didn’t know what was happening, and yes, it DID matter

Day 4 came along calmly, albeit there evidently was a great fire
Smoke traveled all the way from Georgia, per the news we acquired

What a lovely morning sitting around and sharing a song
But with that sweet time, some sadness came along

The message that a friend once held true and dear
His life consumed by cancer, time to wipe away a tear

It made time for us to reflect on those we love and the treasure
And how it ‘s irreplaceable and simply without measure

Yet we forged on with high hopes as it was early in the day
To continue our upcoming history in the roles we still play

The best New England Clam Chowder and Key Lime Pie ever
Oh, those were ties I was not quick to sever

Let’s not forget Ted Peter’s, the t-shirt, and smoked mullet
It was all very good, as it washed down our gullet

What? Who could forget the day toodling around Bay Walk
With classy shops, tasty ice cream, and Starbucks we did stalk

Again, the classic circle of friends around the “fire” we went
Only this time a gas lantern was the only light that was spent

Now if our fabulous trip had only ended right there
But no, definitely no, we were all in for a scare

It was a Raccoon Riot; they were on their worst behavior
We were definitely ready to send them to their Maker

Coffee creamer, oatmeal, and bread they attacked
Nothing left untouched, all the food we had packed

It all worked for the good, as I can bear witness
It left me ready to leave the survival of the fittest

Day 5 saw tent stakes uprooted and guy ropes a’flying
Working to leave by 11, man, we were trying

Checked out and eager to be on our way
We fondly reflected on the beauty of our stay

A more beautiful site, we couldn’t have requested
Only camped once before, but it certainly was bested

Friendly birds, photo opps, and wildlife galore
Manatees, sea life, osprey, and more

Intimate times of sharing and conversation
I’m leaving that behind with much hesitation

Children, grandkids, best friends, and new
Where I’d be without them, I haven’t a clue

This short little journey has now come to an end
As we roll in the driveway and head towards our beds

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Posted on Feb 5, 2011

Going through the papers of days gone long before

Represent the time I spent, and so I begin to pore

Over every document, sentiment, jot, and tittle

Everything has importance to me, no scrap seems too little

Appointments, travel, brochures, and notes

Newsletters, logos, flow charts, price quotes

Banners, ministries, staff meetings, and MTS

Cell groups, retreats, Encounters, and the rest

Bulk mail-outs, newspaper ads, and Web site design

Calendars, letters, and yes, they’re all mine

Retrieving staff lunch, decorating, sometimes cutting hair

Thinking of these things fondly, I just sit and stare

Elders’ meetings, school board minutes, furiously typing away

Making copies, phone messages, and emails every day

Proofreading, service schedules, policy manuals galore

Special events, banquets, dedications, there’s more

Reimbursements, budgets, and what happened to that receipt?

It was here in that pile, you know, the one not so neat

Bulletin boards, pc maintenance, alarm systems, too

Ordering, purchasing, on the phone counseling you

Birthday cards, presents, researching some more

Prayer requests, making buttons, sometimes cleaning the floor

Fundraisers, Harvest Night, and Watch Night as well

Whew, I’m a bit tired, I must rest and sit a spell

So these are the things that I’m sorting through, pondering tonight

All the wonderful memories, holding each one real tight

I take one last glance as I toss in the trash

Oh wait, take it back out, maybe a bit too rash

How can I part with seventeen years of my life

Precious to me, to others, just rife

Okay, lisa, sit back and take a deep breath

Keep only your favorites, dispose of the rest

But wait, I say, “There’s more, there’s more”

Manuals, invites, decals for the door

The trash bags are bulging, but over here there’s one tub

Of treasures, papers, oh, photos I couldn’t snub

Reflections of the past, what a privilege I say

For You to have used me, God, in this honorable way

I’m grateful for the love and kindness that You’ve shown

And for the blessed people who’ve helped me to grow

You’re such a great God, rich in mercy and grace

Now please help me, Lord, run the next phase of this race

Oh yeah, did I mention the gift baskets, special guests, hotel reservations, too . . .

Isn’t life grand?  🙂

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